Alan David Reeves is a British film score composer, synthesist, and legendary Hammond B3 virtuoso. In the course of his career he has received 35 international awards, including a Gold Album.

He became known for his work with the bands The Showtimers and Clinic as well as for the music for the films Bethune, To Walk with Lions, The Call of the Wild, Ocean Oasis and Kill Bill Vol. 2.
He has played or recorded with/for among others, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, David Bowie, The Beatles, Lionel Richie and David Gilmore.


Alan Reeves and The L.A. Dream Band

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Alan Reeves – The Way I Am

To Walk With Lions – Original Score

Demo Reel

  1. Rainbow - The Colors of Life (The Munich Symphony Orchestra) Alan Reeves 2:37
  2. Bethune - Arrival in China (Synths) Alan Reeves 1:47
  3. Rainbow - Race to Rainbow (Synths/The Munich Symphony Orchestra) Alan Reeves 2:13
  4. Bethune - Battle 2 (Synths) Alan Reeves 1:46
  5. Classical DUB (Virtual Synths) Alan Reeves 5:32
  6. Ocean Oasis - Whales/Dolphins (Synths/The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) Alan Reeves 2:20
  7. A Reef Reborn - The End of a Love Affair - (Synths) Alan Reeves 2:20
  8. To Walk With Lions - Opening Titles (The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) Alan Reeves 1:47
  9. Salina Blues Alan Reeves L.A. Dream Band with Ray Foster 10:04
  10. Ocean Oasis - Manta Ray (The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) Alan Reeves 3:29
  11. To Walk with Lions - George Dying (The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) Alan Reeves 4:31
  12. To Walk with Lions - Tony Leaving (The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) Alan Reeves 0:55
  13. Rainbow - End Titles (The Munich Symphony Orchestra) Alan Reeves 2:21


Sex, Booze & Blues

Edited by AUTHORHOUSE, United States (2014)

Alan’s autobiography.

The wild life and times of a South East London musician in London, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles!



“When I need to have music that reflects the emotional moment of the film I’m producing I can turn with confidence to Alan Reeves.
Alan has the unerring ability and the creativity to compose music that will transform an extraordinary story into a masterpiece.
In my view he is the very best of a small cadre of composers who can paint glorious pictures with music and pluck the emotional moment from the air to deliver it – with deadly accuracy – directly to the heart.”

Soames Summerhays

Director - Producer

“One of the finest film composers in the world”

Pieter Kroonenburg


“Alan tell me, how did you learn to play like that”

Lionel Richie



“Alan Reeves tells me that the visuals of Ocean Oasis inspired him. But it was the other way around. I searched globally for more than a year to find the right composer for the film.
Alan Reeves score is for me, one of the most satisfying achievements of Ocean Oasis. His music magically reflects the dramatically different moods of the film and does what is so difficult to do, inspire the soul.”

Soames Summerhays

Director - Producer


“Alan Reeves’ score for Ocean Oasis is beautifully evocative. It captures the essences of a stunning environment, the stark surrroundings of the Baja pininsula and the spirit of its Mexican caretakers”

Kevin McCarey

Supervising Producer, National Geographic Television

“I love who you are and how you are still so “on fire” to do gut wrenching, butt kickin’ music! You are a rarity these days!”

Cece Worral Rubin

Played with Guns and Roses

“You probably know me, respected hit recorder of loads of ’60’s’ and ’70’s’ songs in the UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, in fact, the World, with my band ‘The Bachelors’, with gold million sellers. We outsold ‘The Beatles’ in 1964 and 1965.
Alan Reeves was nominated last year for his film score “To Walk With Lions” at the Canadian Academy Awards and won several awards for “OCEAN OASIS” the most successful IMAX film score.
Now you won’t know that Alan Reeves was, and is, the greatest HAMMOND B3 organ player in the world… The best I have ever seen…”

Dec Cluskey

Musician, The Bachelors

“No one plays HAMMOND B3 quite like Alan Reeves.”

Gregg Wright

Guitarist, Michael Jackson

“This man can really play, he’s one of the finest in the world”

Keith Emerson

Emerson, Lake and Palmer


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